Insider Career Tips for Success in Show Business

Tips on Getting Started in the Performing Arts

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1. FIND OUT WHO THE LICENSED TALENT AGENTS ARE IN YOUR STATE. Always and I repeat always use a legitimate state licensed talent agency. Whether you are a writer, director, actor, model, dancer or musician. If you are unsure who is franchised/licensed and who is not, get the talent agent list from this web site. If you are planning on doing working professionally these are the only talent agents you should use.

2. DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Millions of people are trying to break into showbiz. Your job is to be professional and stay ahead of the competition. You need to know the industry professionals and executives are that are working now, currently on a project. You need to be at the right place at the right time and our lists will help you do that. All of our lists are working industry professionals. If they are not currently working on a project they get dropped from our lists. We want you to have every advantage over the competition and also we don't want you to waste your money mailing to dead lists.

3. STUDY, PRACTICE AND STUDY SOME MORE. Take classes as many as you can. When you do get the audition for that dream acting or modeling role, you will have to have the talent to back it up. Always keep learning and advancing your skills.

4. START SMALL. If you are planning on becoming a star and make your living as actor or model: learn your craft by taking smaller roles, doing plays, print work (fashion & commercial), and television commercials. These are all great things that will give you experience, skills, and credits on your resume and they all pay great money.

5. BE A BIG FISH IN A SMALL POND. You do not have to be in Los Angeles or New York to be successful. More than half of all television movies, shows and feature films are done in smaller cities. Get a local licensed and union franchised agency from our list and build your resume and experience locally before hitting NY or LA. The competition is very tough and you will want to have all the skills and experience you need to beat the competition.

6. TELEVISION COMMERCIALS. They teach you how to audition, work with agents, negotiate, film skills, acting, working on a set, putting your resume together, getting professional head shots, bring you lots (and I mean lots, of income). TV Commercials bring in millions of dollars yearly to the unions. One national commercial can pay you, the talent, over a hundred thousand dollars over two years. If you or your children are really serious get the COMPLETE KITS and learn from the industry professionals.

7. DO MAILINGS OFTEN. You need to get your name, resume and/or photo or ideas out there and often. Like just about any other career, you are going to have to make some kind of financial investment in your future. Doing mailings is the best way to invest in your acting or modeling career. Someone may not need your type in February but then, March they need two of your type and you are the perfect face for the new show they are doing this fall. Keep out there. In Show Business, business is the bigger word. Talent is not enough, you have got to treat this like any other business and to get and stay on top. This is your career no one cares about it more than you do! Hollywood Insider Celebrity Career Tips

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