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1. Be prepared.  Know your craft. Auditions are your way to market your skills and demonstrate your value to the entertainment industry.

2. Be professional and courteous - to everyone- from the security guard at the front gate of the studio to the receptionist to the casting director, and everyone in the audition room.  A performer’s personal behavior speaks volumes.  Talent is hired on 3 things, your look. talent and your professionalism.

3.  Be punctual.  Casting calls take place in a fast-paced environment and casting directors appreciate consideration of their time and schedules.  Don’t waste their time!  Be personable and responsive, but don’t talk too much or overstay your welcome.

4. Head shots and resumes.  Make sure your headshot looks like you.  Airbrush all you want, but you better look like just like your photo when you walk into that room.  Always have extra headshots and resumes on hand at every audition. 

5.  Presentation.  Make sure you can be seen and heard.  Position yourself so that your face is visible (also, keep long hair out of your face).  If you can’t be seen or heard, your performance is lost.  Dressing for a role is fine, but don’t wear a costume.  Wear something that suggests the character or the profession and let your performance do the rest. 

6.  Do your homework. Know who you are auditioning for.  By researching the director, casting director, producer and show, you may find connections to other people or projects, and learn about the style or genre of a project or its creators. 

7.  Don’t let anything throw you. You have a right to be there, you were invited there to audition.  When other performers enter the waiting room and don’t look like you, think about yourself as “the other way to go.”  Often the casting process is about exploring various ways to go with a character, so stay confident and show them how you would do the role.  If you’re asked to read another role or make an adjustment, take a moment, and then do your best to do what is asked of you.

8.  Be gracious and receptive. Be open to direction.  Don’t challenge, make excuses or try to explain yourself.  Stay open and easy to direct.  Casting directors may want to see if you can take direction.

9.  No chit chat. They don’t want to hear about the traffic, or how your day is going.  Put yourself in their position.  They will meet 15-50 performers auditioning in one day.  Would you want to hear 50 excuses on why you were late?  Go in.  Do your best work.  Get out.  Leave them wanting more instead of having overdosed on you. 

9.  Auditions, like scenes, have a beginning, middle, and an end. Walk in confidently, take charge of how you want to work, do your job and get out of the room (always leave them wanting more).  Once you have left the audition, let it go.  You can have a great audition and still not get the job.  They just went another way.

10.  Casting directors remember good work. Follow all of these steps and you will be called back by the casting director.  It may be for that part or it may happen five years down the line.  Each successful audition is like money in the bank. Show yourself in the best light possible by being prepared, professional and positive. 

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