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These legitimate actor talent agents earn 10% commission on acting jobs they book for you after you get paid for the acting job.

We supply you with the most up to date names and addresses of all legitimate, licensed acting agents nationwide.  Since their salary is dependent on yours, these acting agents are highly motivated to advance your acting career. Why an Acting Agent?  Whether you are a novice or a veteran – acting agents have the casting connections, putting you in the right place at the right time. True professionals rely on actor agents as successful business partners.


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How To Get An Acting Agent:

acting agency Write a short note about yourself.
talent agency Include any size photo, contact number, height, weight, hair and eye color. List experience or training if you have had it. Newcomers welcome.
talent agencies Mail or email to licensed acting agents on our lists
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Helpful Acting Agent information

Do I need an acting agent to get Casting Directors to call me for auditions?

No. You do not have to have an acting agent. Although Casting Directors prefer to work with acting agencies because they trust the acting agent and the actors they represent.

The actors that work the most, do their own mailings to casting directors regularly whether they have an agent or not. It gets you more auditions and builds relationships with casting. We can provide you the names and addresses of these agents all "working" casting directors. , acting agency, talent agency, getting agent, agent mailing labels, licensed agents, agent list, how to get an agent, actors agency, agent for acting, hollywood agent, actors agent

Tips on Getting Started in Acting & Modeling Get maximum results mailing to these lists also:
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"Without having an actor's photo in front of me, I can't bring them in for an audition. When you use the labels and lists provided by Showbiz Ltd. You can be sure that every casting director in town will see you. A must for anyone that wants to work!"

-Tina Treadwell
Personal Manager/former VP Talent Development Disney Channel

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"Whenever I want to do a casting director mailing, I use Showbiz Ltd. .... They are always up to date and current, and I always know that they cover every casting director in town. Plus they are priced great!"

-Michael Corbett
Actor/TV Host - EXTRA!
David Kimble
"The Young & The Restless"

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