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Q: Is your web site secure for credit card transactions?

A: Yes. In addition your information will NEVER be given or sold to another company.

Q: What is the difference between casting mailing lists and casting mailing labels?

A: The information is the same on both the casting lists and casting director labels. Mailing Labels are easier and more professional to use. Just peel off and put on the envelope. No retyping all that information. Many people purchase both the list and labels so that they have a record of what they mailed out.

Q: When will my order arrive?

A: Orders are mailed first class from Los Angeles within 24 hours of receiving it. Please allow 4-5 business days for delivery from the United States Post Office.

Q: Are we a Talent Agency?

A: No. We provide the most up to date names and addresses of all legitimate licensed talent agencies, managers, producers and production companies in the United States. We break each agency down by category so it's easier for you to reach the right agency for you. Plus we update lists daily so you don't waste money mailing. You will never be asked to pay up front fees of any kind from anyone on our lists.

Q: How often do update your casting director mailing labels and casting director lists?

A: Our casting director mailing labels and casting director lists are updated daily.

Q: Do Actors, Musicians, Dancers and Models need a licensed Talent Agent?

A: Yes. Licensed talent agents can legally negotiate deals for you. They work commission. They will never charge you any fees or dues. If they do charge you any up front fees, they are not licensed by the state nor are they legitimate.

Q: What ages do the Children's Agents Represent?

A: Anyone who looks or plays under 18 years old.

Q: What ages do the Adults Agents Represent?

A: Anyone who looks or plays over 18 years old.

Q: How often should I do a casting director mailing?

A: Twice annually is best. If you are appearing in several things it's a good idea to add Postcard Mailings prior to the show starting or airing.

Q: Can I pay by Money Order, Check By Phone or Personal Check?

A: Yes. Just mail it in to the address on the order form. Check by phone toll free 323-963-5555

Q: Can I get the lists sent by e-mail?

A: Yes. Just request "E-Mail Lists" in the comments box on the order form

Q: What is a Franchised Talent Agent or Legitimate Licensed Agent?

A: "franchised agent" (legitimate, licensed agent) is a person, firm or corporation that has entered into an agreement with Talent Unions and the State under which they agree to abide by certain rules and conditions when dealing with performers who work within Union jurisdiction. In most cities, talent are required to deal only with franchised talent agents for the purpose of securing and negotiating employment contracts.

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