Your Film Acting Career

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It's back! The classic book about acting in Hollywood that actors have nicknamed "The Bible," in a completely new and revised edition

In a practical, nuts-and-bolts style, YOUR FILM ACTING CAREER answers hundreds of questions they have on the business of breaking into the movies and TV: Moving to and living in Los Angeles. Putting together effective resumes and head shots. Finding a talent agent. Successful auditioning. Working on a movie set... Residuals, overtime, acting contracts. And much more.

Written and illustrated with breezy wit, YOUR FILM ACTING CAREER contains scores of ideas from industry insiders, an index, an appendix with important agent lists and casting agent addresses, and maps of studios and theatres in the Hollywood area. Showbiz Ltd acting information, casting calls, acting tips, career in acting, ross reports, become an actor, national commercial, commercial casting, how to act, acting classes, national audition, talent audition, acting career, film acting, acting jobs, talent agents, agents for actors, learn acting, book acting,

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New Revised Edition