Actors Guide to Getting the Acting Job

Information, Techniques, Tips Will Make You A Working Actorr

2 CD Set and Workbook

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Designed to help educate the new actor, established actor and working actor about many of the integral facets of commercial auditions, movie casting calls and all acting auditions. In an effort to make the acting audition information in this program easily retainable, we have designed a supplemental booklet (included). It is a handy cross-reference for specific sections of the CD. We have also included a glossary of Entertainment Industry Terms that explains some key terms and phrases commonly used in professional acting auditions and on the set.

ross reports, the ross reports

Our intention is that you turn to GETTING THE JOB when you would like specific acting coaching for an acting audition or are seeking additional acting career guidance. Using the CD and the booklet, we strongly believe, will increase your booking ratio and give you more confidence in your acting auditions and acting jobs. The less you worry about acting audition situations, the more opportunity you have to focus on the work of being an actor and getting the acting job. Break a leg!

ross reports, the ross reports

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2 CD Set