Actors Interview Log (for Models too)

Actors Interview Log is an essential 'no-frills' audition casting call log book for working actors, beginner actors and models as well as established talent - a place to record all your modeling interviews and acting interviews!

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It is a professional organizational tool to aid the actors and models in getting to the right audition casting calls at the right time with a place to chronicle pertinent information such as: who was in the room, who is the casting director, what outfit was worn, instinctive feeling about the reading, etc. Also, many expenses incurred in the audition casting call process are tax deductible and can be itemized simultaneously.

Using the Actors Interview Log Book, actors and models can compactly keep track of all current and past casting calls and auditions and refer back to it for call-backs or when seeing the same casting director, director or producer for a different project at a later date. Showbiz Ltd

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